Make your Car shutter?

The highest quality ramen shades with lifetime warranty.

The shades and blinding of your car's windows are not only very stylish but also have advantages such as making things less visible in the back seat and, moreover, stopping the warmth of the sun.

You can choose from different shades of foil that are of high quality professional quality. For example, we work the most with the 5% and 20% foil (most approached the original factory stint). We work with the foils of the renowned American brand johnson window Movies.

Prices start at €160 Euro including VAT.

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Benefits of ramen shades:

  • Ex-factory/original look
  • sporty look
  • Cheaper than replacing windows
  • Less insight and protects against burglary
  • Stops heat from the sun
  • Many times nicer than a non-tinted car

Our benefits:

  • Years of experience
  • Skilled staff
  • Free loan cars
  • Highest quality foils
  • Lifetime warranty